The Road Once Trodden & The Path To Come
November 29, 2015
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Welcome To Infinite Digression

Infinite Digression


Welcome To Infinite Digression, where nothing is simple apart from the simple joy of endless wanders.


This is a site that is yet to be defined, and indeed might in its nature lack definition. We are going to take a stroll through the inner worlds, and go on some adventures too. It should be an interesting ride.If I were to give it definition, I would say that Infinite Digression is half way between a travel site and a philosophy site. I want to juggle ideas like we used to back in the old days, without having to always be right and wrong, but simply for the pleasure of exploration.

With Infinite Digression, you are always missing the point, but at the same time you are always bang on target.This isn’t a science website, and it isn’t a religion website. It’s just an ideas website. So sit back, relax, drink a cup of green tea or smoke a chillum pipe, and have a little think.

Matthew Warburton
Matthew Warburton
Matthew Warburton is a freelance writer and budget traveler who has previously enjoyed two separate 7 month trips in Europe. Next to come is Morocco. Matthew aims to share his ideas and experiences on Live. Learn. Grow.

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