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What Does ‘Travel’ Really Mean?



Have you ever really thought about the word ‘travel’?

It’s such a small word that is used single handedly to describe all manner of adventure.

It probably means something different to you than it just to me. It might even mean something different to me in a year than it does now.

For some people, the word ‘travel’ conjures up images of nights in hostels by the beach in Thailand, for others it means walking with a backpack on in New Zealand. Some people travel within their own country. For some it is a trip away, and for others it is a lifestyle. It can really mean anything other than sitting in one place for prolonged periods in your usual comfort zone.

And travel is not just something physical either. It is a mindset. This mindset is perhaps where the most similarities can be found across the board. Most travelers, whatever their adventure means to them, and wherever they go, are seeking more freedom, and more humanity. They sense that there is more to this life than TV dinners, and they want to see it for themselves.

Still, everyone does this ‘travel’ thing a little differently. It is just a word. There is no right or wrong way to do it.

The better question to ask, is what does ‘travel’ mean to you?

Matthew Warburton
Matthew Warburton
Matthew Warburton is a freelance writer and budget traveler who has previously enjoyed two separate 7 month trips in Europe. Next to come is Morocco. Matthew aims to share his ideas and experiences on InfiniteDigression.com. Live. Learn. Grow.

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