Infinite: Limitless and endless, beyond measure, impossible to calculate. Digression: A temporary departure from the main subject.

Infinite digression was born out of an urge. An urge that I believe we all have in some way or another.

There is a way that we are told we ‘should’ think, and a way that we ‘should’ live our life, and then there is every other possibility under the sun.

Too often we are locked in a one way street of thought, and we let not our mind stray from what we believe to be our main point in life. We see any digression as being akin to distraction. We think that to explore something new or different is to lose focus of our main goal, and we see this as negative.

This site is about nothing and everything. It doesn’t belong in a box, because if you put it in a box it would only want to break free. It is just a digression so massive that you might struggle to see the point of it all. That’s okay.

Ask yourself, what is the main subject of life? Can there even be said to be one?

Perhaps everything we think and do in life is somehow a digression.

Okay, by now you might just want to know in straight up terms, what this site can offer.

First, we have ideas. ‘Wow’, you must be thinking. I know… Impressive, right? But I want to try to be very honest and open, and explore some topics and perspectives that are, quite frankly, outrageous. My mind is mental, especially when it gets going on some (subjectively speaking) interesting trail of thought.

Then, there is my travels. I’m about to take off as a ‘digital nomad’, freelance writing my way around the world. That should be fun. I plan to provide writings, tips, guides, and photos from places that I visit, as well as tips about the freelance world. First up on the itinerary is Morocco.

This site is the documentation of this inner and outer journey. Travel tips, destinations, inspirations, and all manner of idea, are all a part of this website, and this life.

Join in the fun, keep checking in, and please share and subscribe if you really like my crap.

Live. Learn.